JPMorgan Chase's (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon Presents at Barclays Global Financial Service Conference (Transcript) | Seeking Alpha Sep 12,  · Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC) Barclays Global Financial Services Conference Call September 12, , AM ET Executives Tim Sloan - .

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Looking at the Morgan tale over there is like looking at family. One of the zero deposit mortgage barclays or perhaps the greatest experience of my career in the financial industry was watching Jamie Dimon navigate JPMorgan Chase through the financial crisis of, andit was a tour de force. And invariably the Source who have called me out of zero deposit mortgage barclays blue to offer advice, and encouragement and support has zero deposit mortgage barclays Jamie.

The character he has showed by demonstrating his friendship to me over the last year and half is deeply special. So with that I want to introduce and bring up zero deposit mortgage barclays the most zero deposit mortgage barclays and respected leader of a financial institution in our generation, Jamie Dimon.

Jamie thanks for joining us, two years ago when Jamie did this, he went no tie, this year he went no tie and jeans. Last year was a record year, so I can change my pants, like a hedge fund guy. Hey Jeff, thanks for those very, very kind words, you know Jeff and I had a great partnership for a long time, he helped navigate source that crisis and we had a hell of a team, so we do, all of us at JPMorgan wish him the best at Barclays.

Over weighed, market weighted, under weighed or no? Wow, so I would say JPMorgan has been relatively more over — one of the more owned stocks to present so far. Maybe just kind of give your broad overview in terms of how you see the U. So you kind of have for the first time called synchronized, the first time like 12 years, just about everything is zero deposit mortgage barclays to grow a little bit, which I think is a plus for everybody.

And maybe one more ARS question before we get into the next question as zero deposit mortgage barclays follow up to that. I guess, Jamie, maybe just maybe you can more talk broadly in terms of what you think are the regulatory environment at the moment, you are closer to that than a lot of us are. We do think the treasury laid out a very good math zero deposit mortgage barclays issues that that should be looked at all calibration. You have the FOMC meeting check this out week, how do you see this whole balance sheet in relation playing out and particularly with respect to both, the banking industry, the interest rate market and how do you think this impacts banks and liquidity and JPMorgan?

So, you have a bunch of questions there. We never had QE therefore we never had the reversal of QE and it will have some consequences when people reverse it. I think, GDP is moving little faster than the numbers show.

There is a huge question and a lot of debate about if it comes out of wholesale or retail, there is a big difference, okay. Is that a cyclical trend? You think it eases zero deposit mortgage barclays QE gets lifted and I think that plays out. Remember the benchmarks do affect the non-benchmarks and stuff like that. So market will become more normal again one day and again I think the most important thing to keep in mind is the why. This is going to be the headlines in Bloomberg and Reuters and….

With respect to, I would say, core loan growth, you guys have outperformed the industry, although I think even kind of year-to-date running a bit lower than what you would have thought at the start of the year. Just maybe talk to in terms of what you are seeing in the lending environment, how you are thinking about the back half of this year, and kind of as you think about kind of planning for ?

So you can generate mortgages, you can keep them, you can generate them, you could sell them and so it slowed down a little bit because of competitor spreads and zero deposit mortgage barclays like that. And maybe switch gears and talk about the deposit side of the balance sheet the deposit betas have been I think certainly been I think lower than people anticipated and I still think it to be the click, you know I guess particularly kind of get back to the QE zero deposit mortgage barclays is, as the environment progresses from here, how do you see that playing out?

I guess zero deposit mortgage barclays there more work to become more efficient is more ability to leverage your scale and just how do you think about that? Yes, so the first way you leverage your scale is by source more business in the same bench, I mean that is number one, okay.

And you add a branch any four walls, not adding all those additional clusters you have generated and stuff.

Now when we tell you guys, we just give zero deposit mortgage barclays one number that includes becoming more efficient and doing more stuff. We see ways that we can grow this company, add clients and add marketing and add products, which is what we are here to do.

But we would like to see JPMorgan invest in one, technology; two, marketing; three, payments; four, consumer; five, wholesale; six, asset and wealth; seven, trading and eight, branches, the branch footprint. Interesting, so technology will be one; payments and followed by asset and wealth management interestingly. You talked about technology a bit, just maybe explain one of the highlights up from your Investor Day, in Zero deposit mortgage barclays it was you had the whole technology innovation forum.

I think remember that some of the middle sized banks and small banks they get the economies of scale by buying the same through a third-party provider. At the end of the day, they job of us is to deliver something to better faster cheaper in a way you want it more and that means right now digitizing, it means in trading electronic types of — various types of trainer algos or something like that.

And then some of the technology through infrastructure for technology zero deposit mortgage barclays, so if you think of your middle offices and stuff like that, your data centers, we are building data centers periodically and they cost a lot of money.

Payments zero deposit mortgage barclays I guess was a screened highlight, can you maybe just talk to, I think a better — a little over a year from a introduction of Chase Sapphire Reserve, which has got a lot of attention from investors maybe talk to that and then maybe update us in terms of your hope chasing that Chase stake? But we look at the business much broader than that.

So if zero deposit mortgage barclays take JPMorgan Chase, you know is an investment vehicle. We have a tremendous amount of what I would call, a very steady earnings.

Cash management, asset management, some of the lending fees, some of the consumer businesses, some of the spend Liebreich, sc88 online casino Schwellungen and custody.

So part of this thing that we did with BlackRock and it was with BlackRock is how we make it everything simpler.

How can we — when you go straight through processing, reduce error rates, reduce the data entry you have to do so the client gets more. Any study we at asset management says, the assets under management in the world are going to double in 12 or 15 years, double again and the growth will be faster than emerging markets.

So you can zero deposit mortgage barclays we have healthy debate to tie the company, where do you want the mobile-only, what do you want the mobile is maybe a different type of brand structure, with ATMs structure, ATMs could do more, so you could see us testing various about how we are going to invest in that, but I think you have more mobile banking, more products that have ability to do online and some kind of physical footprint over that accommodates all of that.

Let me go to the final Audience Response System question. One, organic; two, acquisitions. You were talking about the secular investment banking Multiple Speakers is Jeff still here? For organic, not surprisingly filed by higher incurring dividends. I guess given that you still generate a lot of excess capital given kind of the above average ROE you kind of kicked off with.

I guess how do you think about capital return maybe over the next several years and you are kind of getting close to that two times financial book number, balancing dividend by that more….

The big picture is you always want to do organic first and have enough capital do it and obviously enough capital to do at bad times, it will be bad times. Because shareholder I speak to a lot of shareholders, they want this steady dividend and I think stock buyback should be opportunistic.

China, I think China is going to do fine, I think when Bridgewater writes about all the business with China is going to fine this one, I agree with that. But they are building zero deposit mortgage barclays an increasing imbalance in their financial think of go here loans and how they manage that.

We try every now more info then. Obviously, we look at all these disaster scenarios be prepared for whatever event unfolds anywhere in the world. So the geopolitics makes a huge difference. And so you always keep your, I mean, politics and policy more than geopolitics, so we always keep our eye on that. You question that a couple asked me to ask is around this whole Equifax and how you think that plays out the impact of JPMorgan?

How you think about? So the big issue first off is, Cyber is a big deal. And so, obviously, that is important. So we can incorporate these in our models. We watch very carefully. You can adjust things. To see, you have to zero deposit mortgage barclays to the people who have the capability to report it out. And I think this whole issue about privacy and that is a big deal. And they would come screen scrape the data and maybe more, not so they needed for almost anything.

Somebody aggregated, which means creating 30, 30, 50 times a day, and then use it to market and sell stuff like that and they had your bank pass code. So if you have left your money a bunch of these places and your bank pass codes tough [indiscernible] okay? And so we said it, we want to be customer-friendly. So we want you to decide how you data gets used. The intersection of cyber and stealing is going to an important part of that. Zero deposit mortgage barclays money is taken out of an zero deposit mortgage barclays, because your bank pass code was misused by a third-party, that third-party is responsible, not JPMorgan Chase.

And again, we want to be a customer-friendly. So that we did [indiscernible] we should — we have really rolled out in a big way to be a table stakes. And it may not be as good as demos to start. But the fact is table stakes that you can go to your account, your quick players like that, move money to friends in different banks, it was crazy vegas online casino review banks.

It could be opened up to all banks. And kind of unrelated what is your view on this bitcoin craze and do biggest online gambling companies uk have traders that are trading that coin?

Yes, so the real traders have traded. If we have a trader trading bitcons five of them in a second. And both are dangerous so I mean zero deposit mortgage barclays bitcoin. But the currency I know we heard about this recently and Oaktree Howard Marks wrote about it in the bunch theories back to little so somebody said.

And think the people who are buying it are really smart. The second is you just saw in China governments like to control their money supply.

The first thing a nation does when it forms itself literally the first is form a currency they have a bank and it has some kind of support legal support legal tender zero deposit mortgage barclays support like gold or silver that is a currency. So whatever and where think that bad that is this one is worse.

You were better off bypassing the system in your country even if what I just said is true. So there may be a market for that but be a limited market. The Fedwire and the chip system will do zero deposit mortgage barclays things than other things. And so and but again they use a bank ACH and zero deposit mortgage barclays is basically using the banking system.

We should have done things like square when the payment process they did really well. As the front end user case that they could process cash.

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