Security: Confirmation of Payments or Deposits - Scam Warning There is a high incidence of deposit and refund scams and you may be at risk of. Confirmation Deposit Refunds. After graduation, confirmation deposits are returned less any outstanding charges about eight weeks after the end of the semester.

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There is a high incidence of deposit and refund scams and you may be at risk of becoming a victim. The basis of the refund and the deposit scams is the same. A fraudulent cheque is deposited and misrepresented as either cash or an electronic funds transfer EFT.

They may amend the cheque deposit slip to reflect as cash, or generate a fraudulent Internet Payment confirmation. The scam then splits, with two possible goals: The deal is concluded and the deposit is made. You may or may not check you account to determine if the funds have been credited.

In some cases, you may rely on the fraudulent document confirming the deposit and release the goods or complete the required service. The initial deposit was actually a cheque deposit, masquerading as cleared funds. This amount is returned and your account is debited.

In this scenario, there may be a pre-existing deal in place, or there could just be a sudden deposit into your account, wherein you have what is a deposit confirmation knowledge of the payment. A falsified payment confirmation or deposit slip is sent what is a deposit confirmation you as proof, read article a refund. An unexpected credit reflects on your account. The perpetrators contact you, claiming a mistake on their part, where the funds were deposited into the incorrect account.

They request a refund via EFT to a nominated account. The claim of incorrect payment is sometimes supported by a fax, purporting to be from a well-known company or institution Telecom, City of Windhoek etc. You may be convinced the funds are cleared and duly return the full amount to the nominated account. A couple of days later, what is a deposit confirmation initial fraudulent cheque deposit is returned and your account is debited.

A deal with new clients is concluded and a certain amount is learn more here in your account. You receive an Internet Payment confirmation or a cash deposit to confirm the deposit of cleared funds. However, the perpetrators make a deposit, which exceeds the expected amount the new amount appears to be the result of finger trouble - an extra zero, or a double digit.

Contact is made either from your side or theirs, but they claim ignorance and confirm the mistake on their part with an urgent request to have the funds returned. The cheque deposit is again unpaid a couple of days later and you carry the loss. A cheque deposit is then what is a deposit confirmation in excess of what the debtor owes to the targeted company. Similar to the previous scenarios described above, a document will be provided to mask the deposit as a cash deposit or an electronic transfer.

We urge you to contact your home branch to confirm the nature of the deposit. Do not merely accept the fact that a deposit shows what is a deposit confirmation the account and always insist on verification that the movements on your account represent a cash deposit or an Internet transfer.

Delay what is a deposit confirmation refund until such time as you can obtain confirmation. Identity fraud is the use of computer software spyware to record the keystrokes on a PC. This information is sent to the fraudster, who is then able to analyse and possibly identify account access deposit bonus conditions, which will enable them to log on to internet banking as a legitimate what is a deposit confirmation. We therefore recommend that you do not perform any internet banking transactions in a public area where you suspect your personal details could be compromised through any form of computer spyware.

Also be aware of the security information and tips on our website on how you can protect yourself when banking via the internet.

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B ittrex does not control the block chain nor can we make it go any faster. The transaction time is controlled solely by the block chain of the coin you are depositing. If your transaction is confirmed in the block chain and still has not been credited please what is a deposit confirmation us know. For Bitcoin you can enter your transaction id here to check if it is confirmed.

Again if it is an unconfirmed deposit we cannot credit it or make it go faster: To check if your deposit is confirmed on a different chain, please use a search engine and search for Coinname block explorer, which should lead you to a block explorer for that coin. What is a deposit confirmation make sure to check the deposit instructions for each coin. If you do not follow the instruction provided your coin may not be credited. If you do not provide the transaction hash we will be unable to credit your coins.

The typical SLA for deposits without message is up to four weeks. Bittrex has many coins. It is common casinos wiki users to generate an address for one coin and then deposit a different coin to it. In some circumstances we may be able to retrieve these coins. This type what is a deposit confirmation deposit mistake can take over 2 weeks to be credited. Did you send your coins to the address generated for that specific coin?

Articles in this section Where is my withdrawal? Where is my deposit? How do I deposit coins source Bittrex? How can I withdraw my coins? Why am I unable to receive the confirmation email for withdraws? Why is my p2pool deposit taking so long to confirm?

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Security: Confirmation of Payments or Deposits - Scam Warning There is a high incidence of deposit and refund scams and you may be at risk of.
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