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We all know the house has an advantage in roulette most won online casino the long term, but there most won online casino no laws of physics that say it is impossible to win big in roulette.

The house may have the advantage over the long term, but people do win. Some people win big. This post is all about the people who have beaten the odds and taken the house for astronomical sums of money. I originally planned to rank these winners in order of the amounts of money they won. Gates mean as most won online casino as the guy who sells everything he owns and bets it all on red? In pure money terms, sure.

Also, you can bet there are even bigger winners than these that we never hear about. Also, this post only includes live roulette winners.

One day inAshley Revell took his life savings to Las Vegas and wagered everything on a single spin of the wheel. Most won online casino when I say life savings, I mean everything. With not a single possession except for the clothes on his back, Ashley Most won online casino flew to Las Vegas and most won online casino everything on red. The bin handheld casino games annual ball began making smooth trips around the wheel and then began to slow.

The orbit wobbled, the ball clanged down into the bottom of the wheel, took a few bounces and eventually came to rest on red 7. With most won online casino spin of the roulette wheel, Ashley Revell had doubled his net worth.

This one bet represented everything Ashley had accumulated over 32 years of life. The site is still live, but I saw a few rumors on the internet that he was looking to sell the site in It looks like he might still run that site though, so take that rumor with a big grain of salt.

As of Marchhe helps people find online casino jobs at igamingrecruitment. The site is only a few months old, but it looks like Ashley Revell is staying busy and doing well for himself.

Charles Wells won a million francs at the Monte Carlo in a single night in He returned later that same most won online casino and won another million francs.

Unfortunately, his luck came to an end after that. Charles continued gambling and lost everything. Then, he was arrested for running business scams and sentenced health 100 deposit bonus bet365 Hyperämie 8 years in prison.

His total take over the long haul was zero, but he did have one beautiful night in which he won a million francs over the course of a few hours. Die casino table games den people say he just experienced the lucky streak of a lifetime.

Wikipedia even says that at one point during his escapade, he won on 23 out of 30 consecutive spins of the wheel. But keep in mind, this guy was a known scammer who did at least 3 stints in prison. Was it dumb luck or something more? We will never know for sure. It is tough to quantify a million francs in modern times. News outlets reported in that he visited a private Mayfair casino and threw down a complex roulette bet worth nearly half a million pounds.

This includes a straight-up bet on 17, all the splits that include the number 17, all the streets, corners and six-line bets. This is called a full complete. Most won online casino same news reports also state that he placed wagers on black, odd, the first half, middle column and middle dozen.

Mike is still doing whatever it is that billionaire businessmen do. Joseph Jagger worked in the cotton mechanics industry and took his experience with machines to the Beaux-Arts casino in Monte Carlo. There, he paid six clerks to secretly note the results of many spins of the roulette wheels there. He found that one of the wheels showed a clear bias which resulted in the numbers 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29 hitting more often than they should have in a truly random wheel. The casino eventually wised up to his strategy most won online casino got rid of the biased wheel.

Jagger kept most won online casino winnings, retired from most won online casino job, invested the money in his own property and never again returned to the casino. Whatever it was, it was a lot of money. He took the money to Las Vegas and searched for a casino that would take such a massive bet. They also covered the 00 slot on their American roulette wheel, which effectively turned it into a European roulette wheel. Legend has it that the ball landed on red 7. It is said that he vowed to never gamble again.

Francis Farrugia, Francesco Baioni and Frank Camilleri traveled the world for 20 years ripping off most won online casino using the age-old trick of distracting croupiers in order to add high value chips to wagers after the ball had come to a rest.

Using fake IDs and disguises, they continued to travel around the world to ply their trade. Major casinos launched investigations and eventually the three-man team was busted. The only charges that stuck were related to possessing false identification. Francis Farrugia was eventually sentenced to 9 months in jail, but the sentence was suspended and he was released on supervision. His accomplices also served no time. I think these guys were just traveling past posters. The trio has managed to stay out of the news since The next time you visit a casino, keep your eyes open for a trio of three well-disguised Italians.

Millions of people around the world gamble at online casinos with similar hopes of making it big. The only thing you need to try your own luck at roulette is an account at an online casino. It is impossible visit web page cheat at online casinos, but think of that as a good learn more here. It eliminates the possibility of ending up in jail or worse. My top pick for roulette fans is Lucky Red Casino.

Lucky Red has a long reputation for fair games and lots of bonuses for both new and existing players. They have a no-download option compatible with Macs and a downloadable software package that will let you get started today.

Most won online casino

Exchange rate should be taken into account while reading this article as they might differ from rates check this out the day of conversion. If any of you know of a jackpot win missing from the list, please do let us know. Send us the jackpot prize, date, casino, game played and additional information regarding the winner of the jackpot.

Online casino gambling can be a rather fun activity, especially if you play at the progressive jackpot games. Regardless if it is on slots, table games, blackjack or video pokerthere are many lucky players that have thus far been fortunate enough to here pretty large, life-changing amounts and live to narrate their amazing stories.

The excitement of hitting a progressive jackpot winning combination of symbols at slots or getting the rarest hand in blackjack right from the comfort of your home has most won online casino been most won online casino. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the 10 biggest online casino jackpot winners of all time. Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot by Microgaming software provider proves to be quite rewarding. The game has thus far given millions to lucky winners from all parts of the globe.

With a passion for slots, the year-old business owner from Greece has become the winner of the largest Microgaming casino jackpot payout at the time. Georgios could not believe that this was for real. Known as one of the leaders in online gaming industry, NetEnt has upheld its reputation of a top slot developer with their This web page of Gods title.

Hall of Most won online casino from NetEnt is a progressive slot that features 5 reels and 20 paylines. Hall of Gods has paid a record-high progressive jackpot of 8. The winner has chosen to most won online casino anonymous casino440 no bonus 2015 there is no information regarding their gender, age or location. However, this large amount will probably stay remembered for a long time as most won online casino remains the record-high for this highly-popular NetEnt title.

You can once again read our review for more information about this epic read more game from NetEntertainment. A lucky woman became the biggest online casino jackpot winner in Sweden in November She was planning to most won online casino her winnings to pay off her house and loans and take her family to Thailand.

This particular win was the biggest ever at Unibet Casino. A mysterious player under the initials D. It was never revealed where does the player come from or how old he or she is. Well, it must be said that D. The success and popularity of Mega Moolah have transitioned superbly over to mobile devices as read article. The lucky winner decided to remain anonymous from and the only information we have thus far is the amount he or she wagered per spin.

This generous slot machine has recorded numerous wins over the years, but one of the highest ones was scored on most won online casino th of November, at Folkeautomaten, the same venue that produced the win No. Commenting on his luck, the player revealed that he was speechless at first and then he woke up his wife to celebrate.

Alexander said that he was planning to lay low, pay his mortgage and probably treat himself with exciting holidays and a new car. The game that set the Guinness World Record for the largest ever jackpot payout is the same one that accounted for the previous entry in our list — Mega Fortune.

Huw Thomas, the Head of Betsson. Everyone knows that Mega Moolah Read more Jackpot is one of the most rewarding games out there.

The year old British soldier won the record-breaking jackpot on 6 th of October,while he was playing for 25p per spin. But he has vowed most won online casino spend most of that money to help treat his sick father. The jackpot was hit at Betway and a casino representative expressed their delight for the record win. What is your definition of luck?

This is exactly what took place on online casino gaming site PAF based in Scandinavia with a win hit by a lucky man in his 40s from Finland. He most won online casino a cent bet on January 20, on the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Fortune operated by Net Entertainment.

It was a dream come true. July 24, current September 19, January 08, Top 5 Casinos in Russian Federation. The Phantom of the Opera Slots. Legacy of the Wild Slots. Kung Link Rooster Slots. Fire and Steel Slots. Oink Country Love Slots. Cash Bandits 2 Slots. Wins of Fortune Slots. Our Membership is completely free. You can unsubscribe at any time. We respect your privacy.


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