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Maplestory trading cash items between characters

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Click Here for Dark Theme! Click Here for Light Theme! You maplestory trading cash items between characters to level up every profession on each character if you want to craft the classes items.

We worked hard on our own to get those items yeah, I know about botters. There are in case two valid options to improve this. Fixing the drop tables, which would help gearing up with fusing potentials etc, maplestory trading cash items between characters giving the possiblity to trade everything check this out storage. Or beeing able to disenchant the items for an item.

Trade 5 weapon shards for a weapon of your choice. Trade 3 armor shards for an armor weapon of your choice. Maybe we can discuss some actual improvements to the trading. As I wrote to other guys as well: I gave 2 possibilites, 1 was trading, 1 was just not dropping at all. In fact, as I started on reboot, I did only get gear on my char I could use. Then they screwed up again.

As you know for yourself, there are many more classes. So of all I noted only the Power Elixirs are worth noticing at helping my char. The things having value in items for your main. But for me leveling Links is like "yeah, I have to do it if I want to maplestory trading cash items between characters better right now". Depending on the char I can go instantly drakes or stay a bit on Rien to 65, then rest levels at drakes.

I dislike DS for example. Grinding to 70 was hell for me. Still had to level it somehow for the link skill. Give me the ability maplestory trading cash items between characters make my main stronger by playing it. Transferring equips between characters ruins the point of reboot which is self-progression on each character.

The thing that needs to list of online nj changed is sw drops, which should only drop equips for your class at a lower rate. If you could trade between characters you would only need to actually progress through one main and then the rest would come so easily. I do think that they should make Sweetwater less likely, but drops would be job coordinated.

Its not the same, at least the way it is now encourages a social aspect of the game. Also you have to maplestory trading cash items between characters and do the 10 runs of RA and get before geat, etc. Trading interaccount would change the dynamic of reboot. I know someone who has cra on all of their alts. Yea, people just want to throw out moot arguments without visit web page thinking about them.

I only play on my main, and farm on my Kanna. Trading between accounts would do little for me. This is pointless since Nexon Kr.

And I highly doubt it that they are gonna send this to them. In my opinion it ruins the self progression when I can just transfer CRA from my main to my mules. Yeah dude totally ruined muh progression man, my reboot experience is definitely ruined though it just holds a more experienced player 10 days to get RA pre reqs finished. Lol get real, everyone just gets carried. At this point, being unable to transfer items over is just a nuisance for RNG things like SW or even meso obtain items.

Then, training gear becomes a thing and people will fly through levels and the same people wanting trading within your own account will complain that leveling is too easy in the game now. But this could be prevented by making equip tradeable only once. I altough know I need to invest a lot more days this way, but considering the amount of hackers that seem to float around right now, I prefer to not farm anyways banned for beeing in the map as a hacker was a thing.

I brought this up but apparently everyone has a hard on for not being able to do this for god knows why. Your only options really are NPC them or disenchant them. Just adds another level of difficulty in gearing up. Not to mention the auction house. You get the idea tho. They honestly just need to fix SW and Gollux drops. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the maplestory trading cash items between characters see them.

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Right now Commerci Solo Voyages are completly luck based: How can Maplestory improve? Having the storage system at all or not: You still have to level for yourself this web page you want maplestory trading cash items between characters get an item on another char.

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Guide: How to Transfer Cash Shop Items

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