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Try again in a bit, and if you are still having trouble, let us know. Designing a good website that accommodates a lot of content is a tricky balancing act to pull off.

Does casino websites inspiration attempt to present the user with all the information in a clean, organized manner, or reveal it bit-by-bit, in an effort to create an engaging breadcrumb trail that tugs the user along the road to enlightenment? They can be used to attack the challenge of creating a content-rich site:. Polygon is a videogame casino websites inspiration site from the founders go here gadget-enthusiast upstart The Verge also profiled here.

Blik is one of the biggest destinations around for art supplies, and with such a diverse range of media and materials to accommodate, it needs to ensure that its creative audience can quickly find the items they need neutralisiert bonus deposito 888 Stellen inspiration strikes.

As one of the largest newspapers in the US, USA today knows a thing or read more about managing a large amount of content in a limited space. The venerable publication famed its satirical cartoons brings a stately approach to presenting its content online.

The national professional membership organization for the graphic arts, AIGA has its hands in many avenues of outreach for casino websites inspiration members, including conferences, perks, publishing and more. In this instance, presenting see more overwhelming amount of available content in an effective way meant exploring the traditional layouts of similar organizations.

One of the de-facto bibles of designing for the Web, A List Apart publishes daily, thought-provoking articles on the finer points of our craft. This is deep, thought-provoking stuff, so a usable interface and pleasurable reading experience are paramount.

One of the casino websites inspiration magazines for Black-American articles, opinion and insight, Ebony covers an incredibly broad number of topics in its mission to share the perspectives of the African-American community. The original home of pan-genre tech and geek journalism, Wired covers a breathtaking variety of detailed content — making accommodating it all comfortably on their website quite the achievement.

This widely-reknowned newspaper caught the attention of the Web last year, when they rolled out a major site redesign — one of the first mainstream sites to embrace responsive design methods. Make no mistake — none of these examples successfully navigated the minefield of creating a content-rich website by It takes a ton casino websites inspiration time, strategy and deliberate planning in order to not only execute these designs, but also ensure that future content updates fit flush within the overall user experience.

Therefore, it pays to keep the following guidelines in mind:. You should clearly establish what content is required casino websites inspiration the user up-front, and what can be hidden. Semantic Categorization — Categorize your content in please click for source way that makes sense to your user casino websites inspiration not to you, nor your client, nor your colleagues. Be ruthless in casino websites inspiration and eliminating internal jargon casino websites inspiration acronyms that you toss around in a usual day at the office.

For example, keep related image assets all the exact same dimensions, so they can be reused seamlessly across the site. Make user flowcharts — Chart the casino websites inspiration of different groups of visitors through the site. Share your tips for creating killer, content-heavy websites in the comments!

There are so many other types of sites out there that have large amounts of content and it would have been nice to have seen some of those thrown into the mix. You should also consider http: I feel the same way about Polygon. Thank you so much for this! White space needs to be minimized.

I want to scan multiple headlines without scrolling. White space is for dummies. Save this for later. Save this post for later.

Tell us a little about yourself. The post should arrive in your inbox shortly. They can be used to attack the challenge of creating a content-rich site: Strong information hierarchy — Dramatic-looking pullquotes highlight the core points of casino websites inspiration reviews. Thumbnail sliders casino websites inspiration At certain points, the pages are broken up by a useful carousel of image thumbnails, each allowing the user to drill here a specific story.

You Need To Read This Now — By giving its top stories a bit of whitespace and accompanying them with an explicit directive, The Verge is able to focus attention on the hottest news it has to offer. Grid style — With a kaleidoscope casino websites inspiration colors, shapes, lines and patterns inherent to their wide range of products, keeping a clean, rigid grid structure helps impose a sense of orderliness upon what could microgaming online casino a chaotic mess of visual elements.

Dynamic mouseovers — Blik allows the user to indicate interest in an item by providing more information in a dynamic hover state, instead of unnecessarily cluttering the resting state of the site upfront. Why we like it Clean, organized grid — The clean, sharp lines and rigid layout of this design maintains an orderly feel to this site, which keeps it from feeling disorganized or difficult to beating online roulette casinos User-adjustable layout — USAToday offers visitors the choice between a List or Grid view of their top stories.

This allows users to control how much they casino websites inspiration on at once — allowing them to effectively choose their preferred approach to browsing the content. The Casino websites inspiration Yorker http: Variety casino websites inspiration There are a wide range of image sizes on offer in this layout, which prevents monotony setting in while browsing through.

Why we like it Grid style — The grid size of each article is proportional to the amount of information it contains, giving visitors an just click for source visual casino websites inspiration of importance — and time commitment. Consistency — Despite covering a profusion of different design styles, typography and color schemes in its imagery, the actual site retains a solid consistency in terms of how it displays captions, headlines, article content, etc.

Articles of special importance remain fully saturated, instead of the secondary posts, which are more muted, and only come to life on hover. Buttons — Non-rectangular buttons punctuate this layout, noticeable by virtue of their shape.

These calls-to-action are nicely styled and stand out just enough to catch attention. A List Apart http: Each line, heading and pull quote is fastidiously and consciously adjusted for perfect readability. Each post has been carefully broken up into easily-digested paragraphs of sentences each. The Black Harbor http: Why we like it Rigid grid — Each article is represented on the homepage by a moderately-sized photo, all casino websites inspiration in a clean grid layout, to prevent visual confusion, given the variety of colors, styles and subject matter to be accommodated.

Content reveal — Simply displaying the descriptions and captions of each picture underneath them adds content bloat — instead, The Black Harbor only reveals this information as an overlay when the user indicates interest by hovering over an image. Their homepage slider alone takes up the vast majority of the screen on laptop resolutions and below.

Why we like it Readability — Clear casino websites inspiration type, and comfortable column widths keep things simple and easy to read. Consistent typography — All headlines, quotes and other text content elements are cohesive across the sprawl of this site. Why we like it Whitespace — Being a newspaper, by far the most important content is the text, meaning that careful attention has been paid to ensuring a pleasurable reading experience Visual hierarchy — Articles with an image are more attractive — and therefore more important — than those without.

This rule is further emphasized by the size of the accompanying image, with the leading story having significantly more space devoted to it.

Hidden content — The leading stories in each news category are smartly hidden in the mega-menu, which is revealed on hover Co. Intro sliders — Many of Co. They casino websites inspiration as an excellent visual intro for the text that is to follow, and get the reader primed for the overall tone of the article. Think Quarterly casino websites inspiration Google http: Why we like it Casino websites inspiration — The whole layout of this site feels crisp, fresh and open.

Type is laid out for maximum impact, instead of content density. Approaching the reveal in this casino websites inspiration also allows the reader to continually return to the central theme of the issue. Wrapping it up Make no mistake — none of these examples successfully navigated the casino websites inspiration of creating a content-rich website by accident.

Therefore, it pays to keep the following guidelines in mind: James-Thanks for the suggestion. Loving the clean, simple design and use of white space. Thanks for adding it to the list.

Game Design, Ui Design, Game Icon, Casino Games, Mobile Game, Ui Inspiration, Game Ui, User Interface, Interface Design. 30 Best Gaming Websites for Inspiration.

A great website design can be a powerful tool for establishing a brand. In the hotel business, a website gives the this web page to present the services and atmosphere that is being offered to the target group.

This collection demonstrates how hotel websites can incorporate beautiful design and target their audience in the right way.

During my search for inspiring hotel website designs, Casino websites inspiration encountered a surprisingly high number of luxury hotel websites that fail to accomplish the simple aim of beautifully presenting their facilities. It seems that online presence is still fairly underestimated although the number of direct online bookings are increasing. Many hotel websites restrict their design to a clean, elegant but also mostly boring layout.

Many use very small fonts, white backgrounds and show no effort to indulge the user. Many of the great design websites use flash to create nice effects especially with photos. In some pages this creates a long waiting time and I can also imagine that they are not SEO see more. But for now, I want to focus on the overall impression, functionality of hotel websites might be another post topic. Strangely, being a 5-star luxury hotel casino websites inspiration not necessarily imply that the website can be categorized as such.

On the contrary casino websites inspiration many famous and glamorous hotels cannot really shine with gta news online casino web presence. There is a lot do do and remake, designers! Enough of talking, here are the hotel website designs that, in my opinion, do a great job in presenting their brand! This is the first example for successfully transmitting the atmosphere of the resort. It is light, the containers are semi-transparent casino websites inspiration the background is completely filled with tropical photos which just makes you want to jump into the water.

It conveys the feeling: I want to be there! It casino websites inspiration a great video which puts you in party mood and gives you the idea that staying in their hotel means fun and excitement. It has a clean layout more info despite of providing many pieces of information it is not cluttered.

The other hotels can be chosen from casino websites inspiration neat image navigation. Another example of the Dorchester Collection websites. An example of a compact win real money on slots app navigation that could have been done with jQuery.

This is an example of vivid colors and a modern look. The navigation has a touch of sophisticated detail. A modern look in gray, beautifully clean. What a beautiful design! It conveys the modern and simplistic style of the hotel so well. Another clean and simple design with a touch casino websites inspiration romantic luxury. I casino websites inspiration want to keep it open and listen to the music! Although flash websites are very heavy it can be a really nice web experience when constructed well.

This design conveys tradition, history and professionalism. This seems to be a modern hotel. Check out the unique cube navigation. This hotel website has a nice frame and a neat effect when hovering over the image or navigation. Royal Blue — beautifully luxurious looking design. Contrary to luxurious, but clean and simple presentation. A casino websites inspiration example of a hotel chain website.

Check out how please click for source colors fade when choosing a hotel from the left menu.

An elegant ans simple design with decent colors. This design combines elegance with freshness. Notice how the colors of the just click for source complement to the whole design. I love the color and pattern combination of this New York hotel! It is very unique and it casino websites inspiration a very inspirational color scheme.

I love this one! It click at this page not an award winning design but the casino websites inspiration are beautifully fitting and guess what? Congratulations to that and enjoy the fast loading time! ML is a freelance web designer and developer with a passion for interaction design. She studied Cognitive Science and Computational Logic and has a weakness for the smell of freshly ground peppercorns.

View all contributions by Mary Lou. CSS and jQuery Tutorial: Mary Lou ML is a freelance web designer and developer with a passion for interaction design. View all contributions by Mary Casino websites inspiration Website: Stay connected with us: Feedback 46 Comments are closed.


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