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Online bet real money on esports, and particularly online sports betting with real money, has been around for years. Since almost 20 years now, there have been sites that provide various types of games such as poker and roulette, as well as basically every sport known on earth. The new trend on the market is betting on eSports aka competitive gaming of computer games.

It appears eSports is the new niche that bet real money on esports major online betting website is trying to get a hold on.

Professional gameplay has earned its place amongst the traditional sports with huge spectator numbers. Competitive gaming has been a huge tendency lately, but what is it really? This has grown so big, that the biggest players in the industry reach more than several million viewers and pay prize click and salaries beyond million US dollar per year combined.

These are the big four when it comes to eSports, but there are other games such as Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm that are picking up players and a fanbase as well. This site has a specialised eSports Hub where you can find articles and videos about the latest news in the competitive gaming scene. There are bet real money on esports ones that give you information and tips about how to bet on eSports. Other big players on the market include bet and bet-at-home. There are also a new type of eSports specialised sites such as EGB egamingbets that try to win customers with better eSports odds bet real money on esports more available leagues.

Of course, it requires some knowledge of the particular game and the rules, but generally you bet on which team is bet real money on esports to win. Most of the bet real money on esports, though, are either best-of-3 or best-of-5 and click here can place a bet on each particular match. Live betting happens through a stream of the game and you can place bets even after the game starts.

Since eSports is not a completely developed niche in the market, special bets are not available everywhere. More and more online betting websites are trying to incorporate these bets, though, with the intention of amount online casino best payout games Schwierigkeit a bigger customer base.

Find out more about bonus promotions for esports betting. Customer service is really important when it comes to eSports. You have to be sure that the is required to hold enough cash to satisfy the winnings of its customers.

A good example of a reliable company is bet which is licences by the UK Gambling Commission where the standards are exceptional. Thus bet has a really good reputation of a respected and reliable online betting website. As you can see, eSports betting is not that different from placing bets on traditional sports.

You should expect that as a niche that continues to grow, more bookies are going to adopt eSports. Since competition is always good, the future of betting on competitive gaming probably features better odds, more special bets and a bigger portfolio for most sites. The only thing that remains is to find the proper site for you and test your skills in betting on the most popular leagues. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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Today, a simple Google search is often enough to unearth the questionable past of an operator if such a past existssocial signals bet real money on esports as Twitter and Facebook interactions can provide a further window into the legitimacy of a betting operator, and consumer reviews from a variety of outlets are only a click away.

The reputation of an operator, and the tenure behind that reputation, are foundational pieces of our ratings and esportsbook reviews. The answers to these questions are a significant part of click analysis that goes in to assigning our ratings for esports betting sites.

This criterion is highly subjective, as different players will prefer different types of bets. Some players are happy with match betting at low limits.

Others prefer high-stakes wagering on exotic outcomes. We bet real money on esports a minor weight to this factor in recognition of the fact that there is no single best betting menu for all players, but also with a nod to the reality that the broadest menu will likely satisfy the widest audience. The esports betting landscape contains both traditional online sportsbooks like betway that offer esports alongside other sports like football and tennis and esports-first sportsbooks such as Unikrn with a primary or even a completely exclusive focus on esports.

Fundamentally, your choice should always come down primarily to the site where you feel most comfortableand then to the site that provides the visit web page that best matches your needs.

We believe there are a number of advantages to choosing to bet at an esportsbook. Informal markets are just that — informal. You often have little idea who is actually behind the site or insight into the inherent fairness of the site. Not all players have an interest in betting in-game items as a way to generate a cash return. But for those who do, transferring items into cash is a difficult, time-consuming and often risky endeavor. Moving your betting to a mainstream sportsbook mitigates both of bet real money on esports concerns.

You get to work with an operator that is often heavily licensed and regulated — in fact, many of the sports betting operators we list are publicly-traded companies. Read more about popular, safe alternatives to CSGO skin betting. In addition to VIP programs and other ongoing promotions, esports casinos sites typically offer new bet real money on esports some sort of sign up incentive. These incentives range dramatically from sportsbook to sportsbookand the terms and conditions behind the bonuses can often make it difficult to accurately compare the values of competing bonuses with just a surface analysis.

All esports gambling promotions terms and conditions aka, the fine print.

The terms are often minor, but can be significant. We especially stress two common conditions of opening bonuses that all players should be aware of: Deposit bonuses are not entirely unlike free bet bonuses, but they tend to involve larger amounts of money and slightly more complicated terms for unlocking that money.

The opening deposit bonus at bet esports is a good example of a first deposit bonus for esports bettors. Other types of promotions offered by sportsbooks are tied to a particular sport. For example, the start of Premiere League brings with it a slew of bet real money on esports promotions that incentivize fans to start the season off betting. After all, with tens of millions of people tuning in for championship events for Dota 2 and more viewers spread across the various major CS: GO events, the opportunity to ride a substantial wave of attention will prove too attractive to ignore for long.

Not all sportsbooks offer such promotions. For example, Pinnacle esports does not provide deposit bonuses or free bets. Instead, the company focuses on offering the best odds available in lieu bet real money on esports giving indirect value to bettors via signup promotions or similar incentives.

Generally speaking, the concept behind the free bet either comes down to:. Nothing too complicated at work here. In the scenario where the book guarantees your initial bet, they have some additional upside — the customer is happy when they win, and happy when they lose as well. That sounds like here customer who is likely to come back. The terms and conditions for free bets are unique to each offer. To earn it, you must:. Esports betting is readily available in clearly-regulated markets such as the United Kingdom.

A number of widely-licensed, global operators such as bet offer esports, ensuring that the product is available in at least some form in most canadian online casino markets. Some markets have either an absence of law regarding online sports betting or deep ambiguity in their law regarding such activity. In these markets, legality is fluid and different operators take different approaches to activity in the market, but a number of esports betting options at well-regarded sites are available.

We advise players in these markets to approach the activity with cautionconfirm local law regarding potential criminal liability as a player, and prefer esports betting options that are licensed in an established jurisdiction like the UK.

In markets such as the United States and South Koreaonline sports betting is widely considered explicitly illegal by authorities. There are options available to players from these markets, but we do not specifically advise players from such jurisdictions to wager on esports online and make our best attempts to not promote operators that appear to cater to those markets.

While a number of different operators offer a variety of eSports betting products, there is a real difference in the coverage of major eSports titles from one site to the next.

Check out our esports odds tracker to get a sense of who is offering what. Despite the fact that Pinnacle took the first esports bet way back inthe truth is that esports betting is still a relatively new phenomenon. That means some books are moving cautiously, and just trying out some of the more popular, proven esports. Again, some online sportsbooks are basically dipping their toes in the water when it comes to eSports, so they may choose to only focus on the major events like The International while neglecting to offer fixtures on smaller events.

So sites like UnikrnPinnacleand betway are all going to have more exotic wagers and a greater array of betting options than sportsbooks like Bet real money on esports that are still growing into their eSports offering.

At this point, we are unaware of any jurisdiction that has taken a different regulatory approach bet real money on esports esports betting than the approach taken to traditional sports betting.

Many major operators, including William Hill and Ladbrokes, offer esports betting, so we infer bet real money on esports concern regarding regulatory pushback is minor. At some point, those core differences may force gambling regulators and lawmakers to rethink their approach to esports betting. Best Esports Betting Sites for Contents 1 What is the best esports betting site?

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